make your own photo


1. build your pages

  • choose your photos using the browse button.
    they will not upload until you click build page.
  • add text in the box
  • click build page. click on the page icon to preview it.
  • don't like what you see? change the font size, text margins,
    centering or the photo and click build page again.
2. make your book.
3. print, cut & fold.
directions, short version
  • cut out on the solid lines.
  • your book will have 8 pages so you need to fold the paper into 8 sections. start by folding in half the short way so the photos are on the outside when you're done, then fold into quarters so the photos are on inside.
  • cut a slit in the paper along the dashed line.
  • fold in half the long way so the photos are on the outside.
  • hold the folded paper at either end and push so that the inside pages pop out forming the book.
  • reinforce the creases page by page, starting with the front cover face down. the back cover page will be a bit shorter because it wraps around the book.