my origami penguin meets his wild relatives in antarctica
about us: 7 truths, 3 lies, & 1 untestable assumption
a) kidnapped by gypsy family at a young age, and lived in their traveling circus. with a dancing goat.
b) former member of emperor penguin assault team.
c) fell in love with a beautiful swedish girl 18000' over the san juans in a spanish airplane with the door open. right before she jumped out. *sigh* i never saw her again.
d) has unhealthy fascination with pornographic haiku.
e) snuck across border as a lithuanian dairy spy before outed by a mossad agent working undercover at a dutch escort agency specializing in anime fantasy.
f) climbed mt. everest. to 18000', anyway. but no higher. which was good, since the only mountaineering equipment I had was a water bottle and a cookie.
g) asked for sir edmund hillary's autograph at the south pole. on a kiwi fiver.
h) a lemon-burning subversive dipped in to my secret eggnog stash. again.
i) former gold medalist for the international jugglers association. we had 7 drops.
j) danced with the half-clothed girls of angkor wat while the forgotten khmer gods lathered their stony hides with soapy soap.
k) bad laws should be broken.
0001) hit over the head with a beer bottle while playing guitar at a biker club, hasn't been the same since.
0010) wrote a science fiction novel about about musically inclined, 11-fingered aliens.
0011) has tenure, bwa-ha-ha.
0100) busked on the streets of vienna, hitchhiked across the algerian desert, climbed machu picchu, crossed the equator in sumatra, travelled the loneliest road in america, followed goat trails to the old town walls of mytilene, and hugged every tree in the forest of harris.
0101) has written songs in klingon, ubbi-dubbi and fortran.
0110) plans to live on an inflatable space commune orbiting mars.
0111) composes for impossible musical instruments.
1000) should know better, but doesn't.
1001) asked for sir edmund hillary's autograph at the south pole. on a kiwi fiver. sir edmund refused.
1010) has more cables than you.
1011) love is like an infinite number of dead rats.
i) has a phd, but can't remember in what.
ii) is obsessed with her bike odometer.
iii) has a stuffed rabbit named "the bunnisattva."
iv) dia berbicara dalam bahasa Indonesia tetapi dia tidak berbicara dalam bahasa Spanyol.
v) un-out-dorkable.
vi) knows what happened to your lost socks.(*)
vii) on the board of arboretum cohousing.
viii) passed calculus, statistics, linear algebra amp; real analysis, but still doesn't know her times tables.
ix) owns a half-acre of fabric.
x) working on a novel titled "building the potato palace."
xi) BlairMdITC is, like, the best font ever.
  (*) if you are rose or kate kelley.